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    Antique Heart Pine Flooring

Product Spec Sheet
Product Spec Sheet

Rustic Cabin Plank




The Rustic Cabin grade of Antique Heart Pine flooring has more character and visual color variations then any of our other grades of Heart Pine.




During our regular manufacturing and grading process, some planks don't make the tight grading standards necessary to make  our Premium, Select, Naily and Country grades.




Some of the things you will find in the Cabin grade that are not allowed in the other grades are: heavy ferrous and water staining, excessive aging and stress cracks, higher percentages of sap wood and larger color variations.





While still solid planks, you may also find some structural defects like partially broken tongues and grooves and also more open character like some broken knots etc.



You will find that prices are quite dramatically lower on the Cabin grade and we feel this floor is a great value.

We are limited to our current inventory since this floor is only made as a result of processing our other grades.  Please call us to discuss availability and prices.







Inventories in the Cabin grade vary from month to month but are usually available in widths from 3" - 10".

Please call now to check prices and lead time.

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Rustic Cabin Grade of
Antique Heart Pine

Wide Plank Flooring Description

          Species:  Southern Pine

          Source: Resawn from large beams taken from demolition sites

          Heartwood: can have unlimited sapwood, but overall there will be a good amount of heartwood.

          Grain Density:  open and tight grain texture

          Knots:  Sound and broken knots

          Holes:  Scattered nail / spike holes which may have a lot of dark ferrous stains and may also have larger bolt holes.

          Cracks:  Many original stress and aging cracks

          Face Character:  Since the lumber is resawn from large timbers, the surface of planks will have no original weathering or saw marks.  Because of previous use in some factories etc., you may find some oily stains scattered throughout the planks.

          Color:  This cabin grade of Antique Heart Pine does have a wide variation in colors.  You will find the characteristic Heart Pine colors of reddish and yellow hues and you will also find the lighter colored sapwood.  There are many darker stains from years of use along with ferrous stains around the nail and bolt holes.

          Grain: Mixed patterns

          Milling:  Center matched Tongue & Groove profile and squared ends

          Size: Thickness: "   Width: 3 - 12   Length: 1 - 10 (average length of these planks tend to run a good bit shorter then our other grade.)

          M/C: 8-10% or less






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All flooring is priced unfinished. For finishing options please contact our sales department.

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