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Antique Heart Pine Flooring
Premium Vertical Grain

Product Spec Sheet
Product Spec Sheet

This page will show you what our Premium "Vertical Grain" Antique Heart Pine flooring can look like in your home.

Premium vertical grain Heart Pine is usually used where a more formal decor is desired.


Vertical grain flooring is all milled from quarter and rift sawn lumber. 

As you can see from the picture to the right, the grain is mostly long straight lines rather then the usual swirls and arched grain associated with plank flooring.



At left is a picture of the Premium "Vertical Grain" Antique Heart Pine in a beautiful seaside home in New England.

The #1 Premium grade of Antique Heart Pine flooring has very few, if any, nail holes or knots and almost no signs of previous use.

Antique Heart Pine flooring will darken to a rich amber reddish color with time.




Vertical grain or "Quarter Sawn" Antique Heart Pine flooring is not available quite as wide as other grades and right now is readily available in 3" & 4" planks. 

Plank lengths will range from 18" at the shortest and 7 or 8' at the longest.





This Premium Plank Antique Heart Pine may have an occasional small tight knot the size of a quarter and smaller.







We do our best to grade this flooring so that a very clean and elegant appearance is the end result.

Please click here for a detailed "Specification and Grading" page for the Premium Vertical Grain Antique Heart Pine Flooring.

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All photos on this page are courtesy of Jeff Allen photography.  Jeff has wonderful expertise as a photographer and we are pleased this project was shot by him.

All flooring is priced unfinished. For finishing options please contact our sales department.

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