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Wood Vents



Available in three different styles, these floor vents are a great compliment to your new wood floors. Wood vents are available unfinished in most of our wood species.

This popular design is easy to install. The air-flow pattern is two-way deflection. It is available with and without dampers.



The distinctive lip style sets the Classic apart from other designs. It is available with or without a damper.



For a smooth, unobtrusive look with hardwood flooring, the Flush Mount is the ideal option.




New Flush Mount Damper Design
The newest flush mount grille incorporates an innovative streamlined damper. The damper, only 1/16" thick, does not hang down into the opening, allowing easy positioning, reducing the problems of exact cuts in flooring. The new grille features a smooth operating open and close tab, and the damper is easily removed when applying a finish.

Professional flooring installers appreciate this style with a mitered frame for clean installation.




Wood vents are available with any flooring order



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