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Reclaimed Heart Pine Beams & Timbers


100% of our Antique Heart Pine beams are sawn from reclaimed old-growth Pine timbers.

These salvaged Heart Pine timbers, once destined for the land fill, have a wonderful hidden beauty that  can only be released by sawing these timbers into beams and lumber.

Please do not mistake our true Antique Heart Pine with the many other "new" Heart Pine materials available from other companies. 




Antique Heart Pine beams are amazingly beautiful and structurally strong.





These beams are shown after sawing away the original exterior wood. 

Some projects may be better suited with a beam that that has the original patina still visible.   In this case, we would just wash the surface to clean away old paint and dirt.



We have many different sized timbers available and can saw them to meet most specifications needed.


You will find some signs of previous use like nail holes, bolt holes and the aging stress cracks.



Sizes available do vary depending on what is coming out from the demolitions projects going on at any time.








We also have the Heart Pine timbers available in a more original condition. 

If you have the means to saw them yourself, give us a call to discuss the details.



Prices for all our Heart Pine beams and planks are determined by size and order volume. 

For details on pricing, please fill out our "Quote / Information Request" form or call us at:  800-333-7610 to discuss the details of your project.


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All flooring is priced unfinished. For finishing options please contact our sales department.

Please let us prepare a free custom quote to best fit your project:    Online Form  or   800-333-7610


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