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Premium Plank Vertical Grain
Antique Heart Pine Flooring

Detailed Specifications and Grading Standard


Below is a detailed description of the characteristics and grading standards that describe our Premium Plank Antique Heart Pine flooring

Premium Plank Antique Heart Pine Flooring - Vertical Grain
Wide Plank Flooring Description

  • Species:  Virgin Growth Southern Longleaf Pine

  • Source: Resawn from large beams taken from demolition projects

  • Heartwood:  100%

  • Grain Density:  8-10 rings per inch and more (many planks have as many as 15-20 rings per inch)

  • Knots:  Very, very few sound knots 1/2" or smaller

  • Holes:  Very limited nail holes and probably none

  • Cracks:  none

  • Face Character:  Since the lumber is resawn from large timbers, the surface of planks will have no original weathering or saw marks

  • Color:  characteristic reddish “heartwood” color variations with yellowish colors blended in as well

  • Grain: Vertical grain (quartered and rift sawn)

  • Milling:  Center matched Tongue & Groove profile with square edges (no bevel) and pre-squared ends

  • Available Sizes: Thickness: ¾"   Width: 3” - 5”  Length: 18" - 7

  • M/C: 8-10% or less




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